Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Life Part 5,852

Here I go again. Starting over....again. Praying this time will FINALLY be different.
I have a job interview on Friday, that I'm very excited about. Well... Im not excited about it being off HWY 280.... BUT I am excited about the job. Fresh start. I have got to get out of the place Im in now. Its a dead end, ran by a man who cant remember what his name is half the time, worked by people who try to act like there is nothing wrong... when clearly there is. I dont know whats going to happen to this company. It does hurt me to wonder, but Im not going to lose sleep over it. As a matter of a fact, Im going to gain sleep... because I wont have to get up at four every morning.

Im just trying to figure things out. I thought I knew what it took, but now Im not so sure. Thats how it goes though.... you think you know.... right up until it gets here. Then your completley lost, and wondering why you EVER thought it would be that easy. Well, Im here to tell you its not. It never will be, so do try to think it will.

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